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A process analysis paper explains how something occurs or functions Require academic assistance? Choose your Type of Work. Writing Editing Slides. Choose your Academic Level. Naples was founded in the eighth century before Christ by greek colonists. The town was in the beginning called Partenope VII b. Naples importance grew with the Romans who endowed it with large roads and commercial infrastructures whose witnesses are the archeological findings in Naples, Campi Flegrei, Pompei, Oplonti, Ercolano, Capri.

As a first one may quote the so called "; Castel dell'Ovo"; Egg Castle which was built on the islet named Megaride, the ancient site of the "Villa diLucullo". During the centuries Naples has passed through several foreign dominations keeping nonetheless the role of the most important town of southern Italy. In every corner of the town a visitor may discover the traces of many different cultures. From the fifth century to the Naples is ruled by barbarians, Longobards, Byzantines and other populations, Italic also.

In the meanwhile Norman domination of southern Italy expanded to the point of unifying in all southern Italy in one kingdom; in politics as well as in the administration the feudal system was predominating: all the aspects of life were based on the castle life. We have many historical, literary and enviromental traces of that period, such as the castle "Maschio Angioino" which was renamed "Castel Nuovo" New Castle during the following Aragonese dominiation Alfonso andFerrante of Aragon.

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Visitors may admire the enchanting triumph arch of Alfonso of Aragon which was built at the entry of the castle to celebrate the aragonese victory against the Anjevins From to the kingdom of Naples is ruled by the Spanish; more precisely it loses his quality of a Kingdom, being administrated by Spanish Viceroys. During the Viceroy Pedro Alvarez de Toledo one of the most famous the town was reorganized and many streets were built or rebuilt, such as the famous via Toledo, which is now one of the most crowded streets of Naples centre.

The whole town changes look under Pedro de Toledo: it is now enlarged, new walls and gates are built, the number of churches and buildings significantly increases. The most important evenements in this period are: the beginning of the building of the fortress "Castel Sant'Elmo" and of the Royal Palace , the eruption of the volcano Vesuvio, the revolt leaded by the fisherman Masanielloin , the pestilence in , which was followed by a strong earthquake.

In after a short period of Austrian viceroyalty, begins therule of the Borbone dynasty which gives to Naples a great splendour. Maria Amalia and Carlodi Borbone are enlightened sovereigns who open to Europe the kingdom gates. They give rise to the royal palaces of Caserta and Capodimonte, to the San Carlo theatre, to the Albergo dei Poveri a charitable institution. In the arts they give rise to the famous "Collezione Farnese" the art of porcelain reaches its top.

Between the end of 17th century and the 18th century Naples obtains a leading position in the musical field as well; not only for the "Opera seria" but mostly for the "Opera Buffa". The eight years old Ferdinando succeeds to Carlo di Borbone who ruled from to , with two temporary interruptions. In Naples experiences a revolutionary attempt to create a Neapolitan Republic Repubblica Partenopea , after the French Revolution, but it is bound to be just a temporary interruption of the Borbone dynasty rule: intellectuals and very famous members of the various fields of Neapolitan culture take part in the revolution which miserably ends with a bloody repression and the death of many of them.

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In the period between and Naples is temporarily ruled by France with Giuseppe Bonaparte and Gioacchino Murat. During these years starts the building or modernization of many important public structures such as the "Orto Botanico" Botanical Gardens , the "Osservatorio Astronomico" Observatory , the actual "Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella" Music Conservatory of San Pietro aMajella , while the "Piazza del Plebiscito" is definitely fixed up in its actual aspect with the elliptical portico of the church of San Francesco di Paola, in front of the Royal Palace.

The latter is very famous for having strongly promoted industry and technology: in Naples has namely the first railway in Italy which links Naples to Portici. Francesco II is the last Neapolitan king: in Garibaldi, coming to Naples with his army from Sicily annexes the town to the kingdom of Italy, under the rule of the Savoia dynasty Turin.

Naples as a town of great attraction for its traditions and natural beauties has been described in essays and letters by many foreign visitors who in the past reached the town facing long and dangerous journeys. Naples image has been made immortal by the works of painters, musicians and poets who have always been inspired by the town since its ancient times.

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Historical traces are evident in the structures of the streets in the centre of the town, in the buildings, in the estates, in the churches, in the cloisters, in the places and of course in the museums. Among the many museums in Naples the National Archaeological Museums, the "Reggia di Capodimonte", "Palazzo Reale" and the museum of San Martino are the most important as to quantity and variety of works in exhibition.

The town lies at the centre of the Gulf, at the mouth of the Irno River valley, not far from Piana del Sele towards which it is rapidly expanding. Probably of Etruscan origin, it was a Roman colony in BC. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was conquered by the Goths, Byzantines and, in , by the Lombards, who annexed it to the duchy of Benevento. In it became the capital of an independent Lombard principality and later raided by the Saracens.

Robert Guiscard, the Norman ruler, conquered Salerno in , making it the capital of his dominions; the foundation of the famous Scuola Medica Salernitana school of medicine enhanced its importance.

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Under the Swabian rulers, it declined with the growing importance of Naples, and in the 15th century the Angevins granted it in feud to the Colonna family, then later to the Orsinis, Sanseverinos and Grimaldis. It shared the fortunes of Naples after until the unification of Italy. The city is structured in three distinct nuclei: the medieval part, on the slopes behind the coast, characterized by narrow winding streets, the eighteenth century area beyond the old walls, and the modern town, built after the Second World War, mainly towards the south, often in a haphazard sprawl.

Maria delle Grazie end 15th century , church of S.

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Giorgio Baroque , Palazzo Pinto 12th century , the medieval aqueduct, Arechi Castle Byzantine , with a fine view of the city. Salerno's economy, facilitated by the lines of communication, is based on the marketing of provincial agricultural products, on maritime activities and on banking. Industry has developed in the food, engineering, textiles and ceramics sectors.

There is a high proportion of tourist trade. Events: Festa di S. Special Thanks to Stephen J. If you paid to be linked here, please complain to the site that linked you here as this is a totally free genealogy site for all to use and enjoy!

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