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A multi‐anchoring approach in mobile IP networks

A large number of methods, architectures and designs came up at every protocol level to cop up with the demands for developing a secure and highly dependable information technology infrastructure. This course is an advanced networking course focusing on present and future Internet architecture, particularly targeted for the students who want to take their professional or research career in network development, administration and service management.

The course will introduce working structures and protocols for today's Internet architecture, with a focus on how different network management and administrative tasks, like service differentiation, availability, capacity planning, monitoring etc. With this target to motivate students towards the development of a new Internet architecture, the course will cover present developments towards the future Internet architecture, like software defined networking, mobile Internet, content centric networking, named data networking, different future Internet architecture proposals and context aware computing.

The students should form groups of maximum 4 members and select a topic for the term project and assignments.

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Please feel free to meet the instructor or the TA for any discussion regarding the projects and assignments. It looks out for hardware addressing and the protocols present in this layer allows for the physical transmission of data.

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We just talked about ARP being a protocol of Internet layer, but there is a conflict about declaring it as a protocol of Internet Layer or Network access layer. It is described as residing in layer 3, being encapsulated by layer 2 protocols.

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It defines the protocols which are responsible for logical transmission of data over the entire network. The main protocols residing at this layer are :. This layer is analogous to the transport layer of the OSI model.

Mobile IP

It is responsible for end-to-end communication and error-free delivery of data. It shields the upper-layer applications from the complexities of data.

Packet switching

The two main protocols present in this layer are :. It is responsible for node-to-node communication and controls user-interface specifications. Have a look at Protocols in Application Layer for some information about these protocols. Protocols other than those present in the linked article are :.

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Please use ide. OSI has 7 layers. OSI follows a vertical approach.

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OSI uses different session and presentation layers. OSI developed model then protocol.

The main protocols residing at this layer are : IP — stands for Internet Protocol and it is responsible for delivering packets from the source host to the destination host by looking at the IP addresses in the packet headers. IPv4 is the one that most of the websites are using currently.